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Progressive Tinnitus Management (PTM)

Progressive Tinnitus Management: Clinical Handbook for Audiologists

Descriptions of DVD and CD

“Managing Your Tinnitus” DVD (coming soon)

  • Video 1: “Managing Your Tinnitus” for group viewing, Session 1  
  • Video 2: “Managing Your Tinnitus” for group viewing, Session 2  
  • Video 3: “Managing Your Tinnitus” Imagery Exercise 
  • Video 4: “Managing Your Tinnitus” Deep Breathing Exercise 

CD with PowerPoint Files

The PowerPoint file for the Session 1 workshop contains links to sounds that should be demonstrated during the presentation. In order for these links to work, the sound files (.mp3 files) need to be saved in the same folder as the PowerPoint files. 

Content updated June 2012

Supplements to Handbook

PTM Articles

PTM How-To Workshop

PTM Reference/General Information